Holiday Baking Class Schedule

Holiday Cookies - Bake and Decorate

Why make a mess in your kitchen when you can send the kids to mine?  They'll get the full experience of making sugar cookies, starting with rolling out the dough and choosing from an array of holiday shapes to cut-out and bake.  After the Bakement is filled with the delicious aroma of baked goodness, they will decorate them with colorful royal icings, sprinkles and candies to make their very own unique and beautiful sugar cookies that can be shared with friends, family, and maybe even Old St. Nick!  Hot chocolate will be provided.

Adult-Child Classes (ages 3 and up) - 1.5 hours - $45/child
December 2, 5,14, 20, 21
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Drop-Off Classes 
$50/child (grades K-12)
November 30, December 2, 5, 17, 20, 21

Adult Classes 
December 13

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Christmas Cupcakes - 2 Days of Fun 
Cupcake baking, decorating, and CUPCAKE WARS on Day 2!
Ages 9-12
December 9th and 10th
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The Buche de Noel 

Call or email to place your order! Large: $85, Small: $55
This delicious chocolate cake with caramel filling is GLUTEN FREE!

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